Monday, August 29, 2016

bjj seminar wednesday, august 31

Just a reminder of the opportunity we Jiu-Jitsu students have this Wednesday. Nathan orchard, a phenom will be here for only 1 day. 
am going to call something out. When I lived in Cali I attended every seminar within a two hour drive. Those seminars had over 100 people at all of them. In Utah we have had multiple world champs, nogi legends, straight up bad A's out here for seminars that are poorly attended. Marcus Almeida Buchecha first seminar in Utah had only 17 people. I get it. We have a pool of great Jiu-Jitsu talent in Utah ( I'd like to do a state v state tournament one day to prove this point) but we learn so much from other schools and instructors. Wouldn't it make sense to support every school that is putting on a seminar? I had issues with one of my previous instructors about supporting other schools. If your student base is so fragile that you fear losing them by going to another school then you need to put out a better product. I am blessed with a great team at Jeremy horns elite but I feel equally blessed by the family I have created through training with other schools. I will step off of my soap box with one final thought. Be good to each other, give to those in need and most people just need a smile, come to Jeremy Horn on Wednesday and simulate murder with some old friends and make some new ones. All in love.