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happy halloween

happy halloween 


Moscow International Open

Moscow International Open

November 7th & 8th, 2014
We have extended the registration of the 2014 Moscow International Open until Saturday, Nov 1st, Moscow time.
Мы продлеваем регистрацию на 2014 Московский Открытый до 1 Ноября ( до 24:00 по Московскому времени).

Все атлеты, зарегистрированные на данные соревнования обязаны иметь медицинскую справку, которая разрешает принимать участие в спортивных мероприятиях и подтверждает отсутствие каких либо медицинских причин, препятствующих занятию по Джиу-Джитсу.
All athletes registered for this tournament must have a medical clearance certificate for sports practice dated less than one month before the date of the competition, indicating no objections for participating in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. 
Leningradskiy prospekt, 39, stroenie 29


Worlds Masters and Seniors Schedule and Brackets

Worlds Masters and Seniors Schedule and Brackets 

The IBJJF has released the Worlds Masters and Seniors Schedule and brackets
Check it out here



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Toukon challenge

Black Belt Team Challenge - Up to 76kg - At the Toukon challenge we will have a Battle between the Black Belt Thursdays Vs The Gracie Barra Team. Below is the Poster for the Black Belt Thursdays. Match ups between the team will be keep secret till the day of the comp. #Toukonchallenge #tkc #toukon.

FIRST BJJ - Why Every Parent Should Have Their Children Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Why Every Parent Should Have Their Children Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Written by Ivan Miroslavov Dimitrov
It is a well known fact that children need guidance in their life not only coming from their parents but also from an external source. We live in times which force parents to spend less time parenting and way too much worrying about the development and safety of their offspring. Sport classes are great for exercising and focusing the child’s attention but I believe that they fall short when compared to martial arts. The missing link in this case would be also covering the spritual aspect – believing that both psychological and physical, can be strengthened simultaneously . Signing the youngsters in a form of martial art has been a go-to move for decades among the parental bodies in order to get some aid in the endeavour of raising capable men and women who one day will grow up to be valuable contributing members of our society.
In the following text I would like to point out some of the crucial benefits of signing your kid to such classes and to present my personal observations both as a bystander and as a kid’s class coach with hands on approach in grappling and Brazilian jiu jitsu.
First off I would like to say that I respect all martial arts and think that they are all valuable for what they were created to be. That being said I strongly believe that when talking about kids some of them are better suited for the task than others. All forms of striking combat sports which include full contact sparring are dangerous and too risky for children. Also they do not give the opportunity of defending ones self just by controlling the attacker without actually harming them. This is the “bread and butter” of grappling sports and particularly Brazilian jiu jitus.
The main goal in this art is ALWAYS being aware and controlling the situation. Bjj prides itself on the usage of technique and leverage above everything. That is why it is called – “the gentle art”. The main concept is that you must shorten the distance between you and your opponent and initiate the clinch . Next you use various trips, throws and takedowns to bring the altercation to the ground. Once getting there, certain dominant positions and holds are used by the person versed in grappling to control the attacker.
Generally speaking not many systems of self defense allow the smaller and more times than not – the weaker person to subdue a larger opponent. As a result your child will not be thought to depend on size nor strength. Practitioners learn to defend themselves and control their opponent even without trading punches or using finishing holds that might get you in trouble with the school or the legal system. What you are doing is simply nullifying the potential of the other person inflict harm on you. In my opinion this is the ultimate anti-bullying tool. Having the opportunity to harm someone but choosing not to and making them aware of it.
What is even better is that children learn all these attributes including balance, reflexes, flexibility and weight distribution while playing and having fun. Most academies form the teaching and sparring sessions in a form of a game so self defense and play time are mixed in together in a very friendly environment. But I always say that if the only thing you learned out of your training in a combat sport is how to defend yourself and nothing more…you are clearly doing something wrong.
To be involved in such an art while growing up and forming as a personality is a very perplexing phenomenon which stimulates the mind as well as the body. Influenced by their instructors and professors the students themselves want to do better in and out of class. They are being thought how to break down and solve problems which occur both during training sessions and in life. Critical aspects of the child’s character are being forged right there on the tatami. Kids learn that sometimes you are going to be the smaller, weaker, slower or not in the best position possible, but you still have to do the best in your ability to not give up and to keep trying. Sometimes being disciplined and having a good work ethic takes you further than you thought it might. These are life-long lessons which I have found to be true through Brazlian jiu jitsu.
Here are some more significant values and lessons which your child will surely be exposed to while training :
-Self-Discipline and Responsibility. It is a big problem in the era we live in. Young people need to learn that engaging in something which is difficult to do and takes time is ultimately very important for your character.
-Respect. Something missing in many people. Disrespecting someone is definitely not acceptable in any dojo and kids understand that this kind of behavior is not permissible. Children learn to respect their professors, their teammates and also themselves.
-Finding peaceful solutions to problems. We have all been there as children. Aggravated and enraged at some other kid for doing something or acting mean. Kids that train have less desire to persue such goals as they do not feel the need to prove themselves. This makes them calmer and more racional in their decision making.
-Self-Esteem and confidence. It comes as the training hours start building up and the progress increases. Nothing makes the instructors happier than seeing how children change and start being more outgoing as their confidence raises.

Setting goals and acting on fulfilling them. When students set goals they should chase them and figure out on their own that when you truly want something in life you have to work hard to get it.
-Belonging somewhere. Brazilian jiu jitsu allows students to become comfortable with being in close physical contact in a society where we are becoming increasingly more isolated by technology. In combat sports we need our training partners in order to do what we love. This is a rule. We spend a big part of our lives with them and ultimately become one big family. This positive influence is crucial to any youngster and their understanding of society. It builds comradery and shows young people that they are appreciated and important to one another and their team.
I have been a witness and in charge of kid’s classes in Brazilian jiu jitsu and I have to say that just seeing how much the kids enjoy playing and learning lights a spark inside me too. When you show them a move and they do it correctly you feel so proud of them and they feel it too!
Brazilian jiu jitsu is a great gift and it is even better if it has been given when you are too young to understand it. Not just the self defense aspect of the art. In fact just like with adults- lots of people sign up out of fear. They are worried that something might happen to them and they are willing to put the hours of work and learn how to handle stressful situations. But when enough time has passed you begin understand that this actually was not what kept you practicing the art for so long. It is a vehicle for developing your human potential. Everything is about the new friendships, taking good care of your mind and body, the life lessons you learn both about others and about yourself. I strongly recommend all parents to take this step and just bear witness of how your child’s perception of the world will begin to change. 
bjj in UTAH

American Grappling Federation

American Grappling Federation  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Submission Challenge - St. Louis 2014

Submission Challenge - St. Louis 2014

Dates: Nov 1, 2014


  • 8:00 AM
Location: North County Recreation Complex. 2577 Redman Ave, St. Louis, MO 63136


  • Adult Male
  • Adult Female
  • Kids
  • Masters and Above


  • Registration by October 30th
  • One Division: $50 Two Divisions: $60
  • Late Registration
  • One Division: $70 Two Divisions: $80


See official site for full details of rules, weight classes, and divisions.

bjj Rules Seminar in Montreal!

Rules Seminar in Montreal!
The Montreal Rules Seminar will be held on November 21st at Gracie Barra Montreal. Limited spots available!
Click the link for more information!

Friday, October 24, 2014
Grappling Experience, LLC.
30033 Technology Drive
Suite #101
Temecula, CA 92563
GX Hotline 951-634-9635

SJJIF Kids Worlds Tournament

1 Day to the next SJJIF Kids Worlds Tournament Deadline! Register today at and become the next SJJIF World Champion! 

The Best of the Best are coming to Florida for the North American Invitational Championship

This tournament is an invite only for competitors who have qualified through the various allowed competitions are recognized by FIVE GRAPPLING. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

World Expo Superfights Results

World Expo Superfights Results 

The World Expo 2014 superfights results:
  • Vitor Shaolin beats Nino Schembri by points 8 x 0
  • Robson Moura defeats Marcos Parrumpinha via clock choke
  • Bruno Frazatto defeats A J Azagarm by points 3 x 0
  • Augusto Tanquinho beats Gianni Grippo by refs decision 0 X 0
  • Tim Spriggs defeats Leo Nogueira by points 10 x 0
  • Ricardo Rezende defeats Danilo Indio via arm-lock
  • Ricardo Pulga defeats Zak Maxwell 4 x 2
  • Samir Chantre vs. Baret Yoshida - Did not happen Baret was injured

IBJJF Pro-League 3 Final Results

Pro-League 3
Final Results

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather
First - Osvaldo Augusto Honorio Moizinho - Caio Terra Association
Second - Paulo Henrique Bordignon Miyao - PSLPB Cicero Costha
Third - Koji Shibamoto - Tri-Force Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Third - Ivaniel Cavalcante de Oliveira - A-Team Jiu Jitsu

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle
First - Vitor Henrique Silva Oliveira - GF Team
Second - Francisco Antonio Iturralde Lara - Alliance 
Third - Otavio Ferreira de Sousa - Gracie Barra
Third - Claudio Calasans Camargo Júnior - Atos Jiu-Jitsu

BLACK / Adult / Male / Heavy
First - Keenan Kai-James Cornelius - Atos Jiu-Jitsu
Second - Jackson Sousa dos Santos - CheckMat
Third - Roberto Camargo de Alencar - Gracie Barra
Third - Eduardo Telles Moreira - Brasa/99

BLACK / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy
First - Bernardo Augusto Rocha de Faria - Alliance 
Second - Luiz Fernando de Azevedo Panza - CheckMat
Third - Gustavo dos Santos Pires - Gracie Barra
Third - Ricardo Ferreira Evangelista - GF Team

Utah jiu-jitsu academy, BJJ Black Belts and Brazilian native Professors.


First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ and self defense for the whole family!
Classes taught in Portuguese by BJJ Black Belts and Brazilian native Professors.
First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center - The only BJJ school with 2 Native Brazilians, Black Belts and BJJ World Champions - teaching cutting-edge techniques for the whole family! Memberships include Unlimited Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-defense classes for kids and adults and all levels of experience. Learn about First BJJ programs, belt system, benefits and values you and your family will acquire without noticing. Join the First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Family!
First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a BJJ school fully operated by world class BJJ Black Belt Professors Suyan Queiroz and Carlos Santos from the legendary Carlson Gracie School in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Our mission is to provide the most effective self-defense instruction in the world by giving students the elements to defend themselves in a tournament and in real life.
In addition to self defense, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as the world fastest growing martial art is also going to teach discipline, respect and how to behave in any given situation.
Very important fact to be considered if you have kids is as our classes are taught by Professors, they must show signs of respect to the Professors during classes and training they receive. This is going to flood over to other aspects of their life, and they are going to be more mindful of manners, and how to properly behave in certain situations.

Our programs are available for children (ages 6+), teenagers and adults. Join our team of World Champions and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Portuguese from Brazilian Native BJJ Black Belts!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

US Grappling Greensboro

Toro BJJ presents US Grappling Greensboro

US Grappling returns to Greensboro, NC on Saturday, November 15, 2014. This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournament, sponsored byToro BJJ,  will take place at the Simkins Sports Pavilion at Barber Park.
There will be divisions for adults, men over 30, and juveniles.
All pre-registered competitors will receive a free t-shirt.
Competitors who do not pre-register online by Thursday, November 13, 2014 can register at the Simkins Sports Pavilion on Friday, November 14, 2014 from 6-7 PM or on Saturday morning, November 15, 2014 starting at 8 AM. Cash or credit cards accepted.
Times will be added to the division order below on Thursday, November 15, 2014, after pre-registration has closed. 

2014 Diamond State Games

2014 Diamond State Games

US Grappling returns to the Delaware Sportsplex for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling event for adults and juveniles on Saturday, October 18, 2014!
All pre-registered competitors will receive a free t-shirt. Competitors who did not pre-register online by Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 8PM can register at the Delaware Sportsplex on October 17, 2014 from 6-7 PM or on Saturday morning, October 18, 2014 starting at 8 AM. Cash or credit cards accepted.

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, October 16, 2014
8:00 PM – Online Preregistration closes
Friday, October 17, 2014
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Weigh ins and registration at the Delaware Sportsplex. If you weigh in on Friday night you do not have to weigh in on Saturday morning!
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Weigh ins begin for all divisions – 8:00 AM
Weigh ins end for all NO GI divisions – 9:30 AM
Rules Meeting – 10:45 AM
Weigh ins end for all GI divisions – Noon

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Renato Tavares Bjj.

 — with Renatinho Tavares and Renato Tavares Bjj.
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation

Over $30,000 dollars will be awarded in the 2014 NY BJJ Pro! All belts are welcome to participate! No minimum points are required for registration, unless you are in the black belt adult division!
Don't miss the opportunity to compete among the finest athletes!
For more information, visit the website!


We're doing it again! Even more divisions (including a $200 open weight absolute), no advantages and no points... back to the roots of brazilian jiu jitsu, the submission. 

Visit: to register now

Visit: for more info. 

Subfighter No Gi Championships

Subfighter MmaSubfighter No Gi Championships
Men, Women, & Teens (13-17) 
Double Elimination
Free Acai Bowl for each Competitor
$45 pre-registration $60 after 10/1
Custom Medals for 1st-3rd places
For Online Registration & Info go to 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Bjj is the best bjj academy in Utah

First Bjj is the best bjj academy in Utah 
First Bjj is the best bjj academy in Utah. There are two excellents black belts Professors Suyan Queiroz and Carlos Santos. I'm having the honor of training with them. Congratulations for this two professors for teach all theirs students no only brazilian jiu-jitsu but discipline and a life style. Congrats to First Bjj.
Carlos and Suyan are world class coaches and fighters! Also because of them, I got to were I am today as a coach and in life! OSU
Mike Flores
Trained with Professor Carlos for about a year. He is a great teacher, person and mentor. Very humble and respectful individual. Highly recommended!!!

Rafael Magaña III
Having trained under Professor Carlos I can guarantee that the level of instruction that you will get from both professors is second to none! First BJJ has dedicated, passionate, and skillful professors that are willing to work with anyone who has an interest. If you are thinking of doing BJJ there's no better place!