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The IBJJF Pro League 2016 takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 9, 2016 The event is held in conjunction with the UFC Fax Expo. The event also follows the American National Titles that is held one day earlier, July 8, in the same city
Pro League Location:
Las Vegas Convention Center (UFC Fan Expo)
3150 Paradise Rd.
Las Vegas
Prices: Spectator Entrance Fee:
Refer to the UFC Fan Expo’s entrance costs – UFC Fan Expo Website
** Registered competitors will receive one (1) complementary pass that will cover entrance into the UFC Fan Expo during its duration
*** One parent/guardian may enter the event facility free of charge with one registered youth competitor (17 y.o. and younger). Please contact if you have any questions.
American National Info
Registrations for the 2016 American National Jiu-Jitsu Gi & No-Gi IBJJF Championship will be closing in only 1 day!
Don’t miss your chance to compete against America’s finest!
All registered athletes will receive free admission into all 3 days of the UFC Fan Expo, and all spectators for the American National Championship will be allowed to enter free of charge into the tournament area only.
Visit www.IBJJF.Org 

Saturday, June 25, 2016


AUGUST 13, Summer - Brazilian jiu-jitsu GI & NOGI tournament just for adults & masters white, blue and PURPLE belts in Salt Lake city, UTAH
PRICE $ 46 ONE DIVISION (GI OR NOGI) by 08/06/2016 
$ 51 TWO DIVISIONS (GI AND NOGI) by 08/06/2016 
$ 56 ONE DIVISION (GI OR NOGI) by 08/11/2016 
$ 61 TWO DIVISIONS (GI AND NOGI) by 08/11/2016

2016 NAGA Pittsburgh Grappling Championship

2016 NAGA Pittsburgh Grappling Championship
NAGA brings No-Gi and Gi grappling back to Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, July 16, 2016. The event will take place at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena in Cheswick, PA. The tournament will feature over 300 No-Gi and Gi grappling divisions. All Expert division winners take home championship belts. Non-expert Children and Teens division winners will be awarded samurai swords, adults take home medals. 

Rafael Lovato Jr. and Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu will meet in a superfight as the main event of Fight to Win Pro 7 in Denver

Rafael Lovato Jr. and Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu will meet in a superfight as the main event of Fight to Win Pro 7 in Denver, Colorado on July 15.  
The two elite black belts will face off in a special 10-minute submission-only no-gi match for the Fight To Win Pro light heavyweight title. 

“Rafael wanted to fight in Colorado – where he has four affiliates – and wanted to take on the best in the world. We wanted to give the Colorado fans who started this whole thing an epic match up that has never been seen before,” says Fight To Win promoter Seth Daniels. 

“Cyborg is a legend and, like Rafael, a great guy. Both of them jumped at the opportunity. Now we are a little over three and a half weeks away from one of the most epic match ups in history!"

“I’m happy to be fighting on Fight To Win for the first time,” says Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu. “Especially against such a great opponent. 

Lovato is the best American in the history of the sport and we have never fought no-gi before. I'm sure it will be a battle to be remembered. 

"I am so pumped to face Cyborg!” says Rafael Lovato Jr. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a competitor and person." 

I think our match will become an instant classic that people will remember for a long time. Get ready for fireworks! 

The event, which will take place at the National Western Events Complex in Denver, Colorado and will be streamed live here on FloGrappling, also features a number of big names grapplers on the card. 

In the co-main event Eliot Marshall of Easton BJJ will take on Warren Brooks in a heavyweight black belt match in the gi). 

Two of Lovato Jr.’s students will support him on the card: James Puopolo will take on JJ Pugsley while Jarred Dopp will face Grant Gaither, both in no-gi matches. 

Further black belt matches confirmed for the event include Todd Kornfield vs Nick Maez, and newly-promoted John Combs vs Hayward Charles. 

Watch Fight To Win Pro 7 LIVE or on replay exclusively here on FloGrappling. 

2016 NAGA U.S. Open Grappling Championship

2016 NAGA U.S. Open Grappling Championship
NAGA brings No-Gi and Gi grappling back to the Orlando, Florida area on Saturday, July 2, 2016. The event will take place at Osceola Heritage Park, Exhibition Building Hall A.. The tournament will feature over 300 No-Gi and Gi grappling divisions. All Expert division winners take home championship belts. Non-expert Children and Teens division winners will be awarded samurai swords, adults take home medals.

All divisions will take place on Saturday. Children and teens will compete first. Adult divisions will begin once the children and teen divisions finish. Please visit the website for more information on division start times.

Some changes for 2016 include:
- NAGA is no longer accepting mail in registrations. Competitors will need to either pre-register online or register at the event. Credit card and cash are accepted at the event.
- Earlier division start times. Children & Teens must be registered and weighed in by 9:00 AM.
- Once a competitor accepts their weight and their registration card is turned in to bracketing, the weight can no longer be changed.
- Children & Teen competitors are guaranteed a minimum of two matches per tournament. Competing in gi and no-gi is considered two divisions.
- Heel hooks are no longer allowed in adult Novice and Beginner No-Gi divisions.
- Those adults registering the day of the event must be registered and weighed-in by 12:00 PM. If you pre-register or register the night before, you can arrive up until 90 minutes prior to your division's scheduled start time.

The registration fees increase by $20 after the pre-registration deadline of June 25, 2016.

For more information on pricing, directions, divisions and more visit the NAGA website,

See you on the mats!

UFC Is It Sold? Who Cares!


There has been many conflicting reports about the sale of the UFC lately. As recently as yesterday, Dana White was a guest not eh new podcast Unfiltered featuring Jim Norton and Matt Serra where he said there is no chance the UFC is being sold despite numerous reports to the contrary from news outlets around the world. Also, there was Ariel Helwani during his band dropping some information about how as fronting the promotion in this sale. Recently, some new websites have said the sale is completed to the WME group and the Ferttitas are leaving to grow their casino empire with White getting a cut of the new promotional running and staying on in his current role despite getting a $300+ million dollar payout. Ultimately, it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction at this point.
Dave Sholler recently said and released that there is no sale and that there would be legal action agains those that say there has been. Also, TMZ is reporting that there is no where near close to a sale and that supposed getting in Hollywood this weekend could not have happened since Zuffa’s higher ups were still in Vegas while the WME head was at a Bar Mitzvah in another country. Regardless of if the promotion is being sold or not, which would be a big deal, it needs to stop being reported as this is the click bait that White has professed reporters to talk about o gain views on their site. Ultimately, if it is sold, it will happen and we will all hear about it. Right now, it should be more important to look toward the future, the big UFC PPV that is coming up and report things like Joanna Calderwood getting a new contract and fight night bonus after professing to be broke this weekend despite putting on a stellar performance in the first female UFC Flyweight fight.


Marcelo Alonso is a (5th degree) black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu under Master Carlson Gracie, being one of Carlson’s most famous and respected students. Alonso was an instructor at the Carlson Gracie Academy in Copacabana – RJ for many years. Moving to United States in the late 1990’s, settling in the Seattle area, where he quickly became a reference among the local grappling scene.

Marcelo Alonso Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Marcelo Alonso

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Marcelo Alonso
Master Marcelo one of the first coach of Prof. Suyan and Prof. Carlos at CARLSON GRACIE Gym in Rio de Janeiro.
Participate at the BJJ GI seminar and learned from the source!
PRICE: $50 before September 10th and $60 After September 10th (cash only).

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fight to Win Pro 6

Fight to Win Pro 6

25 Pro Submission-Only Matches 
June 17, 2016 
Dallas Convention Center
Matches start at 6PM 
‪#‎F2WPRO6‬ Results Fighters paid $26115 in salary, bonuses and commissions!
Black Belt Results
Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Diego Gamonal Nogueira Choke
Alan Shebaro defeats Bruno Bastos decision
Brian Carequinha Marvin defeats Paul Halme decision
Wesley Gann defeats Casey Gray heel hook
Brandon Quick defeats Dondi Morgan decision
Alex Martins defeats Robert Defranco armbar
Thiago Macedo defeats Chris Westfall decision
JJ Holmes defeats Haim Gozali armbar
Marcus Antelante defeats Snow Samuel decision
Dustin James Snow defeats Chris Hoddy decision
Clayton Robinson defeats Greg Grigar heel hook
Alejandro Siqueira defeats Chris Story decision
Juan Tatum defeats Bobby Peña decision
Michael Alexander defeats Rocky Budri japanese neck tie
Jose Angel Llanas defeats Philip Miller very good fight decision
Fight of the Night bonus Rocky Budri vs Michael Alexander
Sub of the Night bonus Michael Alexander
Fastest black belt sub bonus Alex Martins
Brown belt results
Jordan Shepler defeats Loronz Marion decision
Vin Abadie defeats Blake Dvorak decision
Jarrod Trotter defeats Randy Villarreal decision
Fight of the night bonus Jordan Shepler vs Loronz Marion
Purple Belt results
Bobby Alexander defeats Wesley T Arnold decision
Matheus Gabriel defeats Nathan Reign Torres triangle
Chelsah' Lyons defeats Ketra Bartek decision
Zach Coffee defeats David matthews Choke
Fight of the night bonus Bobby Alexander vs Wesley T Arnold
Sub of the night bonus Zach Coffee
Fastest Sub bonus Matheus Gabriel
Kids and Teen Results
Roberto Jimenez defeats Marco Soto decision
Carlos Neto defeats Aviv Gozali choke
Jessie Crane defeats Jaidyn "The Iron Maiden" Mueller bow and arrow choke
Brennan Bros defeats @andrew tackett armbar
Joshua Hahm defeats Dillinger Kovach armbar
Fight of the night sub bonus Roberto Jimenez vs Marco Soto
Fastest sub of the night bonus Joshua Hahm
Sub of the night bonus Joshua Hahm


It is not uncommon for teams to lose members or have a split; however when one of the top coaches and leaders depart from the largest association it is big news. Such is the case for Jose “Ze Radiola” Olimpio, who recently announced the split with Gracie Barra. “Radiola” has been in charge of Gracie Barra competition team for the last few years and has been at least in part responsible for their recent resurgence, he announced in his facebook page via video that he is leaving the Gracie Barra team that, as he puts it “has defended for over 20 years” to form his own team “Ze Radiola Team”. The reasons for the split are not yet disclosed by Radiola promised a full announcement in the near future.
While that alone is newsworthy it is also important to point out that he takes with him over 120 affiliated academies from the Gracie Barra Association. “Radiola” is also the coaches for top competitors and World Champions like Braulio and Vitor Estima and Otavio Souza, who have yet to manifest if they are following their instructor or remain with Barra 


Former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has just earned his blue belt in BJJ from his instructor Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros. “Comprido” was been Lesnar’s BJJ coach for his UFC fights and now that Lesnar is schedule to fight against Mark Hunt in UFC 200 he is back training with Rodrigo and was promoted to blue belt today.
Congrats to Lesnar and “Comprido”

2016 Grand Prix Pro League IBJJF Championship!

3X World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Champion, Leonardo Noguiera is the latest addition to the 2016 Grand Prix Pro League IBJJF Championship! Noguiera was a standout at the 2016 World Championship, having taken gold in the Black Belt Adult Male Super Heavy weight division.
He will be filling in for teammate, and 4X World Champion, Bernardo Faria.
Faria was forced to withdraw from the competition due to any injury, but was happy to offer his spot to Leo.
Although, he will not be able to take part in this year’s event, IBJJF is excited to see Faria’s performance in the future, for any possible IBJJF Pro League championship.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

For the first time, UFC fight night to Salt Lake in August.

For the first time, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is bringing a UFC fight night to Salt Lake in August. 
SALT LAKE CITY — The Ultimate Fighting Championship will hold a fight night in Salt Lake City for the first time this August.
The event will be held at Vivint Smart Home Arena on Saturday, August 6, according to a posting on the UFC website.
“Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing combat sport in the world and UFC is the home of MMA’s best competitors,” wrote Greg Hughes, Utah House Speaker, in a news release issue by  Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment. “Utah has produced many elite fighters and Utahns are big fight fans. I know UFC will receive a warm welcome and we can’t wait for August 6.”

UTAH IMPACT BJJ info: Please note that all registrations are done online

IMPACT BJJ info: Please note that all registrations are done online at until today 11:59pm, 
there is absolutely no day-of-the-event registration

Monday, June 6, 2016


We need voluntary staff for help at Impact BJJ Tournament
 this Saturday( June 11 ) 9:20am at
151 S 1100 W
Anyone will be welcome.

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UFC 199 Payouts Released By Moses Marasco

UFC 199 Payouts Released By Moses Marasco
Cody Garbrandt: $48,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus)
Thomas Almeida: $25,000
Garbrandt def. Almeida by TKO (punches)
Jeremy Stephens: $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
Renan Barao: $50,000
Stephens def. Barao by unanimous decision
Rick Story: $76,000 (includes $38,000 win bonus)
Tarec Saffiedine: $37,000
Story def. Saffiedine by unanimous decision
Chris Camozzi: $72,000 (includes $36,000 win bonus)
Vitor Miranda: $18,000
Camozzi def. Miranda by unanimous decision
Lorenz Larkin: $72,000 (includes $36,000 win bonus)
Jorge Masvidal: $57,000
Larkin def. Masvidal by split decision
Paul Felder: $42,000 (includes $21,000 win bonus)
Josh Burkman: $48,000
Felder def. Burkman by unanimous decision
Sara McMann: $50,000 (includes $25,000 win bonus)
Jessica Eye: $25,000
McMann def. Eye by unanimous decision
Abel Trujillo: $52,000 (includes $26,000 win bonus)
Jordan Rinaldi: $10,000
Trujillo def. Rinaldi by unanimous decision
Jake Collier: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
Alberto Uda: $10,000
Collier def. Uda by TKO (spinning back kick and punches)
Erik Koch: $42,000 (includes $21,000 win bonus)
Shane Campbell: $15,000
Koch def. Campbell by submission (rear-naked choke)
Bryan Caraway: $36,000 (includes $18,000 win bonus)
Aljamain Sterling: $30,000
Caraway def. Sterling by split decision
Adam Milstead: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
Chris De La Rocha: $10,000
Milstead def. De La Rocha by technical knockout (punches)



The 2016 Worlds begins this Thursday, June 2, at the Walter Pyramid located at the Cal State Long Beach Campus. This event gathers the best in the planet competing for Jiu-Jitsu’s most prestigious title.
The IBJJF has just released the schedule and the brackets for the event
Brackets can be found 
And below is the final official schedule for Thursday Day 1
Adult / Male / WHITE / Rooster / 07:37 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Light-Feather / 05:30 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Feather / 04:12 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Light / 05:03 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Middle / 05:39 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Medium-Heavy / 04:12 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Heavy / 07:46 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Super-Heavy / 07:20 PM
Adult / Male / WHITE / Ultra-Heavy / 06:44 PM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Rooster / 12:52 PM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Light-Feather / 03:08 PM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Feather / 10:44 AM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Light / 09:00 AM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Middle / 12:36 PM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Medium-Heavy / 01:56 PM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Heavy / 09:00 AM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Super-Heavy / 11:40 AM
Adult / Male / BLUE / Ultra-Heavy / 10:28 AM
Adult / Male / PURPLE / Rooster / 01:56 PM
Adult / Male / PURPLE / Light-Feather / 03:14 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Light-Feather / 08:19 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Feather / 07:54 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Light / 07:59 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Middle / 06:42 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Medium-Heavy / 07:54 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Heavy / 07:11 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Super-Heavy / 08:24 PM
Master 1 / Male / WHITE / Ultra-Heavy / 08:10 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Light-Feather / 08:43 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Feather / 07:35 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Light / 08:00 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Middle / 08:16 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Medium-Heavy / 07:15 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Heavy / 07:59 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Super-Heavy / 06:40 PM
Master 2 / Male / WHITE / Ultra-Heavy / 07:57 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Rooster / 07:25 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Light-Feather / 06:23 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Feather / 04:20 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Light / 05:53 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Middle / 06:15 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Medium-Heavy / 06:56 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Heavy / 07:33 PM
Adult / Female / WHITE / Super-Heavy / 07:14 PM