Tuesday, April 11, 2017

AZ State BJJ Federation

2017 AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella
The 2017 AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella tournaments will take place on April 29, 2017 at Phoenix College. These tournaments offer kids and women a fantastic opportunity to compete in a very supportive environment. Previous editions of these tournaments have seen big turnouts from some of the top competition teams in the state, including Maracaba BJJ, One Jiu Jitsu, Lotus Club BJJ, Ares/Nava BJJ, CTA, GD Jiu Jitsu/Horizons Martial Arts and BJJ Revolution Team, among others.
The growth of Jiu Jitsu among all demographics has been tremendous in the past few years, with much of this growth being fueled by kids and women. In a recent article put out by FloGrappling, 2016 female registration for the 5 biggest Jiu Jitsu tournaments rose by 23.5% compared to 2015 and 48.4% compared to 2014. While many women typically start Jiu Jitsu for the physical fitness and self-defense benefits, it is clear that competition offers unique benefits beyond those gained in the training room.
For all relevant information related to the AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella, including registration deadlines, please visit gdjjevents.com. We hope to see everyone on the mats!