Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ground Games March 3rd Ottawa Ont

This card is going to be insane!! I am looking for 4 more Brown Belts..... 2more purple and 2 more blue..... People like to say they and there gym is the best...... Now is the time to prove it..... These 8 man tournaments will become an annual event....
Ground Games March 3rd Ottawa Ont
Brown Belt 8 Man Gi Tournament
Cameron Florczak (OAMA)
Lucas Wilhan (Gracie-Barra)
Estefan Joseph (Lin/MartialArts)
Francis “Gumby” Quinn (BTT)
Purple Belt 8 Gi Man Tournament
Shane Fishman (BO4)
Mick Roy (OAMA)
Andrew Racine (Gracie-Barra)
Franco Pana (BTT)
David Mosleh (Toronto-BJJ)
Ali Mehidinia (Lin Martial Arts)
Blue Belt 8 Gi Man Tournament
Justin Primrose (OAMA)
Shakeel Sammady (Gringo)
Amr Ghoneim (Joslin)
Evan Bishop (Gracie-Barra)
Max Doucet (GB-London)
Dominic Girard (BTT)
Eric Nadon (OAMA) vs TBT
Jessica McNeil (Alpha-BTT) vs TBT
Hannah Goldstein (OAMA) vs Karly Hawkes (Hyabusa)
Jacob Boodhoo (OAMA) vs Nathan Bare (Alpha-BTT)
Black Belt Superfight
Mike Tremblay (Alpha-Btt) vs TBA