Sunday, September 25, 2016

#F2WPRO13 is complete

#F2WPRO13 is complete, that was a tough one. I really want to thank#Teamnosleep, all the fans and fighter on the show for putting up with us having to move the show outside and deal with the humidity and the slick mats. This was truly a mother fucker to pull this off thank y'all for the support and not bitching.
Here are the results
Black Belt
Baret Yoshida defeats Mike Reyna Choke
Michael UncleMuffy Marrello defeats Simon Park decision
Brick Welch defeats Andre Maneco footlock FOTN
Steve Patterson defeats Chris Hartwig armbar
Mark Vives defeats Joel Blanton Armbar
Jeff Serafin defeats Tommy Woodruff decision
Rajacic Aleksandar defeats Said Hatim heel hook SOTN
Daniel Vianna defeats Mike Cimm armbar
Brandon Batchelor defeats Steve Kinnison decision
Antoine Evans defeats Chris Reyes FOTN
Matt Leighton defeats Kaelum Kalista armbar SOTN
Doc Jimmy defeats Josh Passini choke
Michael Hagl defeats Kent Rexford decision
Danilo Borovic defeats Ashur Darmo split decision
Blake Klassman defeats Eric Boleaga armbarr
Purple Belts
Dania Aj defeats Taylor Biagi FOTN
John Mejia defeats Artie Grubba decision
Aaron Brooks defeats Caio Oliviera decision
Alex Yablong defeats Brian Radtke Decision
Matt Paul defeats Joe Debias choke
Greyson Christian defeats Nicholas Spacek SOTN
Eric Huebner defeats Chris Hubbart decision
Nikki Sullivan defeats Cristina Anaya submisson
Jeff Yumul defeats Eric Forschler choke
Teens and Kids
Alex Salas defeats Brian Boleaga submisson
Pauly Westoff defeats Kai Calcutt decision