Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fight To Win Pro 7

Fight To Win Pro 7 is in the books, great event lots of decisions but great jiu jitsu on display, thanks for all the support! Fighters paid $32,032 in salaries and commission here are the results
Black Belt results
Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Cyborg decision
Eliot Marshall defeats Warren Brooks decision
John Combs defeats Hayward Charles guilotene
Nick Maez defeats Todd Kornfield decision
Philip Miller defeats Sean Stewart decision
Grant Gaither defeats Andy Smith darce
Scott Miller defeats Alvin Robinson decision
Brown Belt Results
Indiana Danahue defeats Gilbert Smith decision
Bruce Bugbee defeats Phil Lietz heel hook
Vanessa Wexler defats Karen Kovach submission
Jeremy Hastings defeats Nick Laney calf slicer
Mike Martin defeats Jimmy Maldonado decision
Purple Belt results
Ryan Martinez defats Jose Martinez decision
Derek Alumbaugh defeats Casey Pratt armbarr
Brock Combs defeats Joseph Mackinnon Decision
Nicholas Birgel defeats Jarred Mercado decision
Jimmy Grissam defeats Esmelin Espinal decision
Daymar Ortiz defeats Matt Sierra submission
Sean P. Speer defeats Ian Mcgonigle submission
DC Hazen Defeats Joseph Clark submission
Mike Terpstra defeats Carlos Hernandez decision
Nicole Evangelista defeats Alex My Nguyen decision
Nick Gamez-Ramos defeats Eli Dexter decision
Eric Sainz defeats Bill Thomas decisoin
Emma Sojo defats Jaidyn Mueller split decision
Eddye Aguirre Banuelos defeats Briaden Holmes submission
Wilson Sojo defats Kiadon Sullivan decision